Summary of the Workshop: Enabling Biometric Protection and Multi-factor Authentication through Mobile Devices

Last 7th October, E-bros performed a Workshop called Enabling Biometric Protection and Multi-factor Authentication through Mobile Devices . The guests, who attended to the event performed in Vilnius, were CEOs and project managers of E-commerce companies.

E-bros, as the partner in charge of the performing and validation of the E-commerce pilot, shared the project with E-commerce experts.

The workshop was based in three topics: an introduction of PIDaaS, the usage of biometric protection and multi-factor in the authentication process through mobile phones and finally, a discussion about potential customer needs.

The speech started with the overview and objectives of the project. The partners and its role in the project were presented, specially mentioning the partners Bantec, GUC and Eurecat who provide the key technologies in the project.

Below, the usability within the Mobile biometrics was discussed, giving way to the explanation of the Human-Biometric-Sensor (HBSI) which has been designed to measure the influence by how humans interact and use biometric devices.

After the description of the specifications of the pilot lab, the three scenarios (E-commerce, E-health and E-Citizen) were presented.

Apart from the general overview of the project, some technological aspects of the project were also shared with the audience, like for example the architecture and some of the processes, as the delegation of authentication, delegation enrolment or the login process carried out by the users.

The explanation of PIDaaS was finalized with the review of the project status, the business opportunities of PIDaaS and the demonstration of the app.

The workshop finalized with the discussion among all the guests and E-bros about the potential customer needs.