PIDaaS project will attend at International Biometrics Performance Testing Conference

Next 3-6 May, the PIDaaS project will be at International Biometrics Performance Testing Conference. The forum will bring together evaluators, users, technology providers to discuss performance in applications that embed biometric functions or component. The conference aims to detail developments in how systems are being tested, certified, upgraded and improved rather than to snapshot specific testing or research results. The conference specifically includes talks on Automated Border Control, a rapidly growing application of front-end and back-end biometric technology today, and emerging biometric uses. The talks will target operationally relevant and desirable themes, and will give emphasis to design, procurement, and what operators require from test and evaluation activities. Our partner University of Kent, for instance, will show the technology which the PIDaaS Project uses to do the authentification and how it protects the user's biometric information.

The conference aims to advance future use of biometrics by sifting salient points from the accumulated experience of the last decade, to identify novel evaluation methodologies and recent trends in testing, and to determine what is most operationally relevant in the context of the contemporary and emerging marketplaces.

Download the agenda here: