Summarizing the EAB Conference

Last 19th September the European Association for Biometrics (EAB), in cooperation with the Joint Research Center (JRC) and Fraunhofer IGD, hosted the EAB Research Projects Conference in Darmstadt, in which PIDaaS, alongside other European projects, had the opportunity to present its latest updates and its benefits for European society.

The event addressed experts from the biometric community, Project Managers, CEO’s and CIO’s from abroad, mostly from the European Union.

The PIDaaS speech started with “A Centered View of PIDaaS Platform: Manage Your Biometric and Identity Data”, in which an expert from EURECAT explained the PIDaaS benefits and solutions regarding to data security and personal data management.

Following, the University of Kent exposed the “Mobile Biometric Usability Assessement within PIDaaS”, highlighting key aspects such as the interaction between users and PIDaaS service.

To conclude, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in its conference “Secure Biometric Authentication in PIDaaS: Algorithms and Protocols”, explained how BTPS Technology represents a crucial upgrade on users private data privacy.

Therefore, PIDaaS was presented as a promising solution in present and future markets, as it is the only biometric authentication solution that can perform well in all e-Services sectors.