PIDaaS at "Jornada MAPA de Tendencias" conference

On 16th december, TICSalut and Ricoh organized a workshop related to use the PIDaaS Mobile Application to acces in LaMevaSalut platform at "Jornada MAPA de Tendencias en TIC i Salut 2016" conference, in Mataró, Barcelona.

LaMevaSalut is the multi-channel digital space which the Health department of Catalan government wants to encourage citizens to feel more involved and responsible for prevention and cure of their health, offering more functionalities and services.

During the conference, the evolution of the ehealth projects in which TICSalut is involved was presented. One of them was the PIDaaS project and the speaker invited health professional’s assistants to attend the workshop carried out at the same building during the pauses.