This pilot takes place in an environment of e-Commerce (B2B). PIDaaS solution will be integrated on the platform of one of the biggest e-shops in Finland, the company F9 Distribution OY. PIDaaS will be used by real customers.

  • Test and prove technical and functional quality of offered solution.
  • Test and get feedback on usability of PIDaaS solution.
  • Get feedback about market acceptance and commercial attractiveness of PIDaaS solution.
  • Easiness of PIDaaS integration into e-Commerce solution, provided by E-Bros.

TICSalut will carry the pilot in Catalonia (Spain). It will be useful to test integration of PIDaaS with the platform of the Catalan health system. This platform enables people to interact online through computer or other mobile devices with the health department, its agencies and providers (hospitals, health centers, etc.).

  • Accessibility of the patients on their data in the Catalan health system by authenticating themselves through the PIDaaS platform.
  • Testing its performance and usability.

There will be a pilot performed in Italy, in which PIDaaS will be integrated in the service of visualization of the personal data within the human resources procedures. The employees belonging to an administration or company will be able to access to their personals records (such as payroll, holidays, time off work, etc.) and visualize them.

  • To confirm that PIDaaS authentication grants users safe access to data and with adequate performance and usability degrees.
  • Testing its performance and usability degrees.