About PIDaas

Private Identity as a Service

PIDaaS (Private Identity as a Service) is a project co-funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Union as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) Call ICT PSP 7th call for proposals 2013.
The project aims to create a secure authentication system, based on biometric recognition technologies (digital fingerprint scanner, voice and face recognition) through mobile devices.

PIDaaS aims at exploiting traditional biometric technologies and platforms for identity management to create an innovative service: biometric data, as main factor to guarantee identity, will be paired with other metadata (relating to hardware, software and network) to better ensure the certainty of each authentication request. Moreover, PIDaaS also adds biometric template protection schemes (BTPS) to avoid the risks connected to other classical solution and to ensure irreversibility, revocability, as well as non connectability and renewability.

The PIDaaS project is scheduled to run for 30 months (July 2014 – December 2016) and involves 8 partners from Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom.


The two main objectives of PIDaaS project are:

  • to develop a robust, flexible, scalable and easy to integrate service for identity assurance of user’s with the help of bioidentities features in mobile devices, with complete control of these pseudo-bioidentities by the users
  • to share internet application providers the possibility of an easy integration of biometric authentication into their remote identification processes.

Today, providing strong authentication for web and mobile applications bring high costs and complexity to application providers, especially when dealing with payments and access to public services, and introducing multiple hurdles for the end user, who has to overcome difficult and iterative security procedures for one single operation.

PIDaaS project will create an identity management service, including the identity assurance service based on different factors in order to determine the level of authentication certainty and to provide to the end users the control of whom and how can use their information can be utilized besides the authentication itself and demonstrate and evaluate this identity management service in 3 key applications: e-Commerce, e-Health and e-Citizen.


The PIDaaS platform is the integration of the following existing technologies:

  • IdForMe voice biometric mobile authentication service
  • BTPS-technology for face recognition
  • BDIGITAL distributed Identification as a Service platform (LMPaaS) & CSI-PIEMONTE

Identity platform (IdP) for user identity privacy preservation


PIDaaS will integrate BTPS technology into the IdForMe service and mobile applications and will make use of the distributed LMPaaS platform in order to demonstrate the potentiality of renewable and revocable biometric pseudo identities.

Work Packages

The PIDaas project is divided into the following work packages: