Work Package 3


Technologies integration



Main goal

The main goal is the integration of the existing and already prototyped technologies:

  • Biometric mobile authentication service (IdForMe) developed by BANTEC
  • BTPS-technologies both for face and voice verification
  • LMPaaS, Distributed Identification as a Service platform developed by BDIGITAL

The results of this integration will be the complete PIDaaS architecture, which will be flexible by design in order to facilitate seamlessly customization for the different use-case scenarios defined in WP2.

The main objective are:

  • Integrations of the different solutions following the specifications and requirements

   defined in WP2;

  • Integration and setting up of the validation scenarios defined in WP2;
  • Obtain map of services and feedbacks about the customization of the platform;
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the system by users and a smother implementation
       of pilots;
  • Configure the interface and the connection to the application server.