Work Package 5


Demonstration: service validation in 3 different real scenarios



Main goal

After the integration, the different modules of PIDaaS architecture will be ready for piloting in 3 different scenarios

The main objectives are:

  • To set up the demonstrating pilots using the PIDaaS platform;
  • To monitor, analyse and take into account the situation dependent choices that the users make about the use of interactive technology


Three different pilots will be deployed:

  • E-commerce (Lithuania-Finland)
  • E-Health (Spain, Catalunya)
  • E-citizen (Italy)


  • PIDaaS platform mapped in sectorial pilots; 3 scenarios processes designed in platform Service

Level agreement envisaged (organizational issues, security/privacy issues, technical, requirements);

  • Pilot applications installed in 3 scenarios (conformity to quality standards: technical, organizational, procedural);
  • Interfaces, Information, Main documentation translated and localized for users;
  • Intermediary users (managers, administrators) trained on service usage.
  • PIDaaS detailed tests in/among 3 sectorial pilots;
  • Service Level Agreement, Interfaces, Information, main documentation tested by all the users;
  • Platform and functionalities tested.