Work Package 7





Main goal

Since the aim of the project is to produce outcomes sharable and reusable by other European Administrations and organizations, as well as services usable by European citizens and businesses, the dissemination activities are fundamental.

The objective of this WP is the organization of the dissemination activities of the project result, including:

  • Identifying and establishing a dissemination plan that progresses with the growth of the project and its outcomes.
  • Increase awareness and facilitate marketability of the PIDaaS system and/or on-going activities of the PIDaaS project aimed at the following target audience:
  • Intermediary users all the range of potentially interested communities (, e-commerce & retail services, e-health services, e-citizen services) to catch customers and to reach final users potential partners and multipliers in the 4 scenarios envisaged;
  • Endorsement: experts from the research community;
  • Intermediary-users and public (end-users) in general.

Promoting the project awareness by the development of a project website

The dissemination at worldwide level will be done through a web page. It will contain at least the following areas:

Public technical information: This area will contain information such as abstract, objectives, work plan, results, articles, proposals to standardization bodies, etc.

Project news: This area will contain news such as upcoming events like courses, workshops, meetings, etc.

Public management information: It will provide information about the project planning, progress report, meeting minutes, etc.

Open forum: This is an innovative approach for the project web sites. This area provides a unique
opportunity where people interested in the project can pose questions and will be answered. This facilitates cross domain fertilization in the thematic because other industrial areas have similar interests. It is worthwhile to mention that up to the date there are no project web pages containing an open forum tool, so that interested organizations can exchange ideas and knowledge.

The objective of the web page is to create an environment where organizations interested in the project can

discuss about the issues they consider relevant. In this way it is possible that groups from Japan, US, etc. can

join the discussions.


  • Rise awareness at European level
  • Initial commercial contacts for a future deployment
  • Workshops performed